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From the CEO of Ventura, Nick Tarascio:

It Starts With Passion

In March 1982, at a few thousand feet above New Jersey, something profound changed within my father, Mike Tarascio. As he looked out of the window upon the nearing Trenton airport, he realized the freedom he was experiencing didn’t have to be a once in a lifetime occurrence. In that moment, the wheels were set into motion for him to trade the monotony of his computer business for a pursuit of passion; building an aviation legacy for him and his family. Over 30 years later, the company he founded is still fueled by the original passion and beliefs that gave him the courage to start his career over in a new industry.

Values Are Forever

While the company has evolved from a small flight school to a diverse private aviation company in the last 30 years, the core values on which the company was founded have remained constant. Throughout our hiring process, we focus on those values as the primary way we determine whether you will fit within the organization. We believe it is better to train a less experienced candidate that fits our culture than to hire a highly experienced person that will not ever embody our values.

When You’re Here, You’re Family*

Many companies proudly boast being a family business, but what does that actually mean for you? In the case of Ventura, we adopted the family value of Supporting One Another while we deliberately built a management structure that is blind to familial relationships. Talent is always recognized over a last name.

*My mother’s cooking is much better than the Olive Garden.

“One thing I love about being here and working here is that we all operate like family. Everyone is fair and supporting and we lift each other up.”

– Christina Burdi, Financial Controller


You’re Job Is Secure

In 2003, we acquired Ventura. Founded in 1955, they brought an even greater company legacy, a highly experienced management team, and a name we liked better than our own. Further, the union of the two organizations brought even more organizational strength and competitive advantages. We are proud to say that despite some of the most challenging economic times over the last decade, no one has ever lost their job due to financial pressures.


Your Voice Matters

Unlike many organizations that believe a few “smart” people can figure it all out, we believe that each person in the organization adds to the collective intelligence of the team. We share our basic financials, goals, and strategic plans so you can participate in the discussion and know what to expect. This is a chance for your voice to be heard. Driven by our value of Constant Never-Ending Improvement, if you see an opportunity for creating a better workplace, tell us and let’s build it together.

An Opportunity For Your Growth

Since Ventura’s offerings range from Flight Training to Charter Jets to Aircraft Maintenance to Avionics installation, you really have an opportunity to choose your path. Some have come as mechanics and ended up pilots. Others have come as interns and ended up managers of an entire department. If you’re interest is flying but you also love marketing, there is an opportunity for that too.

“I began as an intern when I first started! Now I am the manager of the flight school!”

– Matt Ostermann, Flight Training General Manager

Plan For Your Future

All full-time positions are eligible for a 401K so you can save for your future pre-tax. We also contribute an extra percentage of your savings so when you put money away, you get more money for free. We also offer health care programs with a contribution for all full time employees. While these are great perks, our favorite benefit is a substantial discount on aircraft rental in our flight school airplanes. Whether you want to earn your pilots license or just pop up in the sky from time to time, the employee aircraft rental rate makes that much more attainable.

Aviation is Awesome

Speaking of flying, let’s not forget that it is the main reason we do what we do. From the dawn of humanity, flying has always inspired us. We spent thousands of years dreaming of joining the birds in the heavens. Now because of the contribution of each of our team members:

  • A 14 year-old boy can experience flight over the Great South Bay from the pilot seat.
  • A retired electrician can finally pursue his dream of being a pilot and owning his own airplane.
  • A young girl is saved by transplanting an organ that we flew from Las Vegas to NYC.

“I was so excited and motivated to work here because I would finally be in the aviation industry.

It has always been a dream of mine but I could never make it happen before.

Everyday I am responsible for making Ventura “the hero” of the day for our customer.

We really, really care about the quality of our work and our presentation here and it pays off!”

– Barbara Grau, Charter Sales Coordinator

Come Join Us

If you are excited by the idea of being a part of this kind of organization, and believe you live our values, I invite you join us in our mission to Inspire and Empower Extraordinary Living Through Flight. Please apply for one of our open positions now.

To An Exciting Future!


– Nick Tarascio, CEO

Nick Tarascio CEO Ventura